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  • Get Informed of Earning Opportunties - Never Miss Out!
    • This is the BEST feature of our toolbar. When was the last time when opportunities knocked on your door? With the LogiPTC Toolbar, you will be informed whenever there are sites to browse for cash at LogiPTC, directly through our toolbar. You won't miss a single chance of earning cash, as you will always stay informed!
  • Stay on top of LogiPTC Updates, News, and Events - Stay Informed
    • Through our news ticker system, directly linked through our toolbar, you'll be ahead of others on getting news on LogiPTC as you will be getting it instantly through our toolbar. Don't miss out on what's happening at LogiPTC, you'll know immediately by having our toolbar installed.
  • Simple and Clean - Only What You Need
    • Our toolbar is clean and simple, without any extra components that may slow down your computer or limit your browsing experience. We simply give you only the features that are important to you as a member of LogiPTC, along with a simple Google Search box.
  • Get Advanced Customizations - Add Plug-Ins and Gadgets
    • For people who want to customize our toolbar with their own gadgets, applications, and plug-ins: our toolbar supports hundreds of cool gadgets that might interest you such as YouTube Feeds, iTunes, Radio, Weather, Babylon, and games! Theres no need to be boring, you can add whatever you want to our toolbar. We give you full control!
  • LogiPTC Search - Powered by Google
    • By using the LogiPTC Toolbar, you're just a click away from Google Search Technology. LogiPTC's search is powered by Google, and by having the Google Search engine integrated into the toolbar, you're one step closer to the world's most informative search database.
  • Free Download - Multiple Browser Support - Clean and Safe
    • You can download our toolbar for free and enjoy all the benefits listed above by having installed our toolbar. Our Toolbar is supported on all major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We guarantee that our toolbar is safe of any adware or spyware. And if you don't like it, you can simply uninstall it! With so many features and benefits, you'll be missing out if you don't have our toolbar installed. So try our toolbar today!

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