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LogiPTC reserves the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Service if ever deemed necessary.
LogiPTC will inform it’s users upon any changes in our Terms of Service via the email provided upon registration for the services thereof.
If you disagree to any updated Terms of Service, you can request Account Deletion through our Support Ticket System or E-mailing us at: support@logiptc.com

LogiPTC users will be able to request a payment to be made to their provided PayPal Account upon reaching a minimum balance of $5.00. Each account will be closely reviewed for abuse before payout, which can take up to 48 hours. Once the account has been reviewed and the payout has been confirmed, the payment will be sent to the user's Paypal Account. PayPal is our only acceptable form of payout at this time. No other method will be available at this time. This may change in the future.

LogiPTC has the right to suspend and/or terminate your account for any reason that we deem necessary. Because we guarantee our clients excellent service, we monitor the system data and logs very closely for abuse. If your account has been suspended or cancelled for abuse, you will not be able to withdraw or request the funds inside your account. If your account has been suspended by us, you may not make another account. Duplicate accounts are not permitted by LogiPTC, and duplicate accounts that are detected by our system or staff will be terminated. If you believe the suspension or termination was in error, you may appeal to us at: support@logiptc.com.

You MUST follow the instructions instructed by the system when using LogiPTC. Our system has Anti-Cheat systems with detections put in place to ensure that you have followed the instructions provided. It is important to follow these instructions, as you may recieve a warning from our system if you do not. Futhermore, LogiPTC has a system inplace to detect AdBlock aka Advertisement Blocks. You may not use AdBlock while using LogiPTC due to our agreement with our clients for maximum exposure. If we find that you have such a plug-in enabled while browsing our site, you may recieve a warning. Please be careful when getting warnings, accumulated warnings may lead to an account review and/or suspension and possibly termination.

LogiPTC has no limit on the number of people one user may refer, however each of the user's referrals must be a unique user, each having a unique computer, a unique network connection, and a unique paypal account. The earnings you get from your referral come directly from the referral's activity within LogiPTC at a rate of %10 of whatever they earn. If there is no activity on their account, there will be no earnings from your referral. Neither you nor the referral may request for the referral ID on his or her account to be changed or modified at any time. There must be activity on your own account in order to continue receiving benefits and earnings from the referrals under your account. LogiPTC has the right to suspend an account or remove a referral if we believe any of the referrals are not unique or if the referral violates our Terms of Service.

LogiPTC does not recommend it's users to use widely public internet connection such as a library, college campus, or internet safe as a connection source. It poses a threat to our advertisers. By using such networks as your ISP, you will risk your account getting suspended. Furthermore, any cloaking connection over your original ISP such as a proxy or VPN is not allowed, accounts using such a connection as an ISP to connection to LogiPTC will get their accounts suspended immediatly.

LogiPTC has the right to suspend, cancel, or terminate your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, any violation of our Terms of Service. Users of LogiPTC have agreed to our Terms of Service upon registration, and we expect users to read and follow the them. Suspended accounts will have their refferals and account balance reset, and will not be able to recover it unless the suspension is successfully appealed.

LogiPTC will not be liable for any kinds of delays, damages or failures that are not related to LogiPTC and which therefore are beyound our control. LogiPTC will not be held responsible for any of our users or advertisers and the content that is on the websites provided. Lastly, LogiPTC is not responsbile for any tax payments for the income that the users recieve. It is the user's responsibility to declare what they have earned and pay their respective country's taxes.

LogiPTC's Website collects and stores information such as country of residence as well as IP Addresses of all of our visitors. LogiPTC also stores cookies for Login Information if the REMEMBER ME? checkbox is checked upon login. LogiPTC will never give out your personal information, however, we reserve the right to contact you in any means provided. If you would like to be removed from our Emailing list, you must request Account Deletion by sending an Email to support@logiptc.com.

You will be able to use the same Login Information throughout LogiNetworks. If you decide to use our partner website, LogiTRAFFIC, you will be agreeing to LogiTRAFFIC's Terms of Service as well. LogiTRAFFIC's Terms of Service can be found here: http://www.logitraffic.com/terms.php